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terminal three was sevacuated. have you seen at the other terminals flights coming in out out? >> no flights have taken off since we've been here. we have flights that need to land, so they come and they land. i see flights lined up actually out on the runway, and there are as i pull out -- >> you're watching live coverage from our nbc station in los angeles, knbc, of an incident still unfolding at los angeles international airport. i'm scott cohn in the cnbc newsroom. 9:30 west coast time, 12:30 eastern time there were reports of shots fired in terminal three at lax. that's the terminal that serves aleen allegiant, front tier, jetblue, virgin australia. what we know we believe what people have been injured. there are multiple reports about the suspect, whether he or she
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is injured, in custody or whatever. as you've seen from knbc there is a triage unit being set up outside terminal three and it appears as if air traffic at lax is shut down, so that's yet another effect of this, as it continues to unfold. let's go back now to more live coverage from knbc. >> -- with you right now we want to connect with nick hugh, we're told he was at the airport at lax when this shooting occurred. nick, are you joining us? >> yeah, i'm here. >> you can tell us what you saw? >> yeah, i was in the virgin america terminal waiting in line for security on the upper mezzanine, and we were just standing there in line and somebody started shooting. sounded like either a .44 or some big caliber gun or shotgun, and it was within 15 feet of where i was standing and it seemed like they were shooting away from where i was. i couldn't really see the shooter, i guess, but it was
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very close in terms of the sound and people standing then running. >> nick, where was this in relation to airport security and the check-in, did this person, the shots that were fired, did this come from a place that was beyond the security checkpoint? >> from what i -- no, from what i can tell, it seemed like -- i had just been dropped off by my wife at the main entrance where the cars are pulling up and i went up the escalator and there's an upper maez demeezzane you wait in line for security check-in and i was outside and the shooter was downstairs i guess where the car had been and right where the first screening would have been where you show your boarding pass or i.d., it sounded like it was coming from that spot. >> so near the security checkpoint where everybody sort of is unloading their bags and whatnot? >> correct. it was probably where like the main check-in for bags where
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people unload from the car. it was not past the check-in tsa where you put your, take your shoes off and put your bags through the x-ray or whatever. it wasn't past that spot. >> so nick, what happened here after the shooting? was there an incident? were people questioned? >> basically we were in the upstairs area with the shooter or, and it sounded, by the way, i think i heard a total of maybe eight or ten shots fired, in two bursts, so it sounded like there was just one person and there was no bombs or anything else. it sounded just like a gun, the same caliber gun each time, and i basically, i mean everyone dropped to the floor and started crawling along the ground, just abandoning their suitcases but there was nowhere to go. you couldn't go back because the guy was down on the escalator and couldn't go forward because it was security. luckily i was just by an emergency exit and i just ran out onto the tarmac where the
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planes are and a few other people ran in the same direction and then -- >> were you actually detained at some point and questioned by -- >> yes. >> what happened? >> i was running across the tarmac to get away from whatever was going on and the first line of, you know, police comes rushing in, in their cars and of course they think i'm a suspect running away or whatever, so i was put to the ground and cuffed and told to just lay there for ten minutes while they kept going and i mean, having things done to your head is pretty freaky. >> i can't imagine that experience. nick, were you traveling with anybody or were you sort 1/2 this on your own? >> thank goodness my family is home, my wife dropped me off and i was running by myself. >> were you released, did your wife pick you up? >> yes. no, no, well she left the airport so she's not getting back in any time soon but they escorted -- after they found i wasn't a suspect they let me up,
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took the cuffs off and ran us into i don't know what terminal but a different terminal and locked it down i guess and now we're just sitting in here, you know, i'm with a bunch of other passengers. >> they caught the guy. >> they caught the guy? somebody in security said they caught him. >> somebody with security, with the tsa, lapd? >> it looked just like an airport employee, maybe tsa, i don't know. there's no police in here right now. they said they caught somebody. >> you never got a good description of the shooter, right? >> i didn't actually see the shooter. i could see sort of flashes or smoke. he was like obscured behind, because i was up on the mezzanine looking down and he was down in the lower area and i couldn't really -- i didn't actually see the person. >> did you see other people being detained who might have been running for cover like you were? >> a couple other guys who ran out onto the tarmac got the same
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and we were all herded off the tarmac along with all the employees, you know, the guys who secure the planes and all that and put into another terminal. >> all right, nick puh some dramatic moments, he was on the mezzanine there at terminal three, virgin america, i'm familiar with the area, you have the escalators that take you up, you have your check-in and the area below is near the ticketing area, so somebody could, you know, again, we don't know exactly what happened, but we know according to reports that somebody did likely come in with a rifle, open fire at least a couple people shot, we're still trying to get some better numbers here, but let's go to our angie crouch who is on imperial, trying to get into the airport right now. she's joining us by phone. obviously the roads are blocked off, you can't get in. what can you see? >> reporter: you can imagine it's a real mess out here. don't even try to come near this area if you are headed towards lax right now. just stay clear of the area
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because the traffic is completely stopped on century, on sepulveda. there are numerous l.a. fire department, department, el segundo police -- >> i think we've lost angie's signal there, but we'll check back in with her soon. you're looking at a live picture on the left side of your screen, you can see firefighters with the l.a. fire department treating somebody. let's see if we can get back up, will cokohlschreiber what is happening? >> we happen to see the woman on the back of the stretcher triage near terminal two, not sure of what her injuries are, exactly what happened to her, but she is, looks like she is about to be taken to a hospital nearby. this by my count is either the fourth or fifth person we've seen being transported away from the scene here, the first woman
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i'm aware of we've seen from news chopper 4 here and this looks like this ambulance is getting ready to take off. one bit of good news, we just saw firefighters actually pick up some of the, they had another set of tarps they were going to put down but we have the triage tarps on the ground near termical two, seeing way more firefighters than victims, that is good news and one more bit of information, the airport -- >> we are going to break away from knbc's coverage of this shooting incident at los angeles international airport and turn it over to scott cohn at our breaking news desk with new information. >> just to bring you up to date tyler for those just joining us about 40 minutes ago according to lax shots rang out in terminal three which includes jetblue and virgin among other airlines, and it is now appearing according to nbc news justice department, justice correspondent pete williams, there are a number of officials
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telling him that the incident appears to be over and winding down. we don't know yet what casualties there are or may be. there is also air traffic delays the potential for rescreening of potentially everybody in the airport. as of now we're talking about delays of 15 minutes or less, according to lax, calling it a gate issue and again to repeat, there are multiple people at least injured at lax after a shooting incident that began some 40 minutes ago and there are indications it may be wrapping up and we're trying to determine as is everybody else exactly what happened and what the casualty count may be. >> scott thank you very much. we'll go back now to listen in to knbc's coverage of this shooting incident at los angeles international, and they have noted that they have seen by their eyes through their chopper several individuals having been transported to hospital. unclear of course whether those individuals were the victims of
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gunshot wounds or may have sustained some injury in a rush to flee the shooting incident. no matter, obviously people injured, people transported to hospital, let's listen to knbc. >> lapd chief charlie beck and l.a. mayor garcetti were at a pd graduation ceremony earlier today. they've left the ceremony and on their way to the scene to see what's going on at the airport. we have jacobrascone on the phone for us. where are you? we don't have jacob, we'll get back. jacob, excuse me for interrupting you. we're just hearing that federal officials are saying that the situation has ended. unclear exactly how many people were shot. we've heard reports of two taken to area hospital and a tsa agent also wounded. >> will told us he saw between four and five people being
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treated and when we spoke to nick pugh on the phone earlier he was telling us he heard the shooting ands wi was detained a questioned as he tried to run away from the scene. someone came in while he was talking to us and said "they caught the guy." we're trying to get more information but we hear the situation ended. they were waiting to get more information from lax. this is, you want to stay away from the area. the traffic is horrible. jacob rascone is with us to give us an update. jacob? >> reporter: michelle, hi. as i stand a quarter mile from lax a steady stream of police patrol cars and ambulances continue to go in. they continue to pour in. on century boulevard it is at a standstill so people trying to get to their flights of course now just here parked. now a parking lot, century boulevard and as i walk along
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century boulevard on the sidewalk, i'm running into families running there to try to catch their flight, and then they see what's going on, and they say i'm trying to get to new york, to montana, and they realize that they're probably not going to make it anyway. you have a lot of confusion. you just look at the faces of the people in these cars, you can tell they're just with their hands on their head and they're just parked on century boulevard. >> all right, jacob, we'll check back in with you soon. again just kind of recapping where we are right now, the first shots reported fired around 9:20 this morning from multiple witnesses, and law enforcement officials, reportedly a man with a gun goes up to one of the checkpoints, a rifle, starts opening fire. reports are so far that at least two people have been shot but it's still unclear how many. we also saw several people being loaded into ambulances, including what look to be a tsa agent, also according to witnesses multiple shots fired,
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nick pugh told us he was on the upper mezzanine and heard eight to ten shots that were fired and two separate moments. everybody just ducked to the ground. >> dropped to the floor. >> in fear, people afraid to run because they didn't have any place to go. if you went down you were going towards the incident and didn't know if there was anything coming from outside. >> i believe we have another witness joining us now on the phone. tom, are you joining us? >> yes, i'm here. >> tom, tell us what you saw. where you were when this took place. >> i was in terminal three the virin america terminal and you could hear shots, popping sounds, people started running from the center area of the terminal out towards where the gates would lead to the airplanes. there was an initial round of shots, a pause and then some more shots, and i think it was a
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virgin america person said people running away from the center area to get out, get out, meaning go down the stairs that lead to the tarmac. and so the whole terminal i was at, goats 35a, bn b and 34, went out the door and down the steps to the tarmac and there were hundreds of people that went out and stood underneath, then the buses from tom bradley terminal came over and after about ten minutes or so the passengers boarded those buses, and they brought us over to the tom bradley terminal. so we're all just sitting in the tom bradley terminal at gates 140 and 142, just waiting. >> you heard the gunshots. were able to get a clear look at the gunman? >> no i did not. >> what are you thinking as you're hearing the shots? in this day and age following
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9/11, all the security that we have to go through to get onto a flight nowadays, you know, we're worried about lick willeds and powders and all these things. you don't expect somebody to actually be able to get through security with a gun. what was going through your mind as the chaos was unfolding? >> you heard gunshots and somebody wanted to storm through that area i think it could happen so i don't -- i wasn't thinking that somebody snuck a gun in. i was thinking somebody had a gun and was shooting it. >> tom, thank you very much. another witness who just joined us who was at the virgin america terminal three when this took place at around 9:20, tom thank you. we're happy, glad you're okay. again, we don't know how many people have been shot or hurt in this situation, but as we told you, if you have a flight at lax at this point, you really want
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to doublecheck. traffic is a nightmare in century boulevard in imperial. jacob rascone is on the ground with another update. >> reporter: michelle we're able to bring it to you live, this parking lot as you can tell we were only a half mile away. that half mile took us 15 minutes and now as you can tell they're just parked and just up ahead another quarter mile maybe is where traffic is effectively stopped, and so anybody hoping to get in or who now realized they can't get in has no other choice but to stay there and sit in that parking lot. as we check on twitter, people tweeting from inside we hear what you hear from the witnesses what a scary situation. we've talked with those who are walking by us with their bags running until they see the police cars and the ambulances, and the fire trucks, and they slowed down a little bit and realized that they probably are not going to make that flight. as you could see now, even after it has ended and really as we've heard before it has ended for at
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least 15 minutes now we still see this steady stream of police cars and other law enforcement, clearly unmarked cars, and ambulances and fire trucks. we'll continue to monitor what's going on, but what a nightmare for the hundreds and hundreds of people hoping to catch that flight, now in a parking lot out here in century boulevard. we'll send it back to you guys. >> just an update on what's going on, at least three people have been injured in this reported shooting at lax. this in terminal three, the v virgin america terminal. reports 9:30, a man came up to the checkpoint and opened fire. >> this is knbc's breaking news coverage. we go to scott cohn at our news desk. >> this incident began about 45
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minutes ago and then some in the virgin terminal, terminal three at lax, which includes jetblue. initial reports are that a passenger was approaching the initial document check when you go through the airport security line and pulled a firearm and fired at the transportation security officer. reports are the firearm was a rifle. we have not confirmed that nor have we confirmed the number of people wounded or we fear worse but you've seen the images on tv of a couple of people loaded into ambulances and the triage unit being set up outside terminal three at lax. there is a full ground stop now at 4x and that is officially in place until at least the top of the next hour so 11:00 a.m. pacific time, 2:00 p.m. eastern time. as we continue to watch this unfold and you look at the pictures from our station in los angeles, knbc, of this incident,
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that may now be wrapping up but we're still sorting out what happened. >> scott we've had reports, federal reports through pete williams the justice department correspondent for nbc news that the incident according to federal sources is over. that would suggest that the gunman has been subdued. do we know anything more about that? >> we don't know that officially. obviously that would suggest, tyler, we don't know whether there was one or more gunmen. this is this type of thing where we wait for this to play out and don't want to give you any misinformation here so we are trying to sort that out, but it does ahere that the worst of this is over and they're trying to figure out what happened. >> watching from our breaking news desk as we watch knbc's coverage there of some buss being pulled to what would ahere to be a tarmac area where some passengers will board them and presumably be moved to another area of the terminal or the airport and one can only imagine
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the disruptions there. as scott said, there is a ground hold until at least the top of the hour, which would be 11:00 a.m. pacific time on flights into and out of or at least out of los angeles international airport. so if you're doing business in that part of the southland today, be ready for major delays on the roads and if you had a flight, you might want to check your carrier. let's go back to knbc. >> -- making their way to lax, angie crouch is there. you have made your way to the airport. tell us what you're seeing there. >> reporter: we're trying to get into the airport. as you can imagine, traffic around this area is completely stopped. they have century and accesepul shut off. i saw one plane land and what you see over here is lots of passengers with their bags, some
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taken out by shuttle bus and they're trying to flag down cabs and get other rides off sepulveda boulevard but as you can imagine they're not going very far. we'll try to get more information. i'll walk in because we can't drive in with our live trucks. we're working this scene on the ground and going to bring you more as soon as it becomes available. >> angie crouch on the ground, jacob rascone and will kohlschreiber. will, where are the folks coming from, which terminal? >> i tell you what, this is a long ways away from where it all happened. that's terminal one, the southwest terminal, all the people in that terminal were evacuated, lined up against the airport fence here, that fence that lines the driveway when you enter the airport from the north there, lined up against the fence. we see the lax bus pick up
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passengers evacuated from terminal one and possibly terminal two as well. not sure where they're going to take them but they are not going to let any passengers out through the front entrances of the terminals. those are passengers from terminal one which as anybody knows who has flown southwest is an extremely busy terminal, that's completely been evacuated as well as terminal two and not sure about terminal three at this point, where the shooting occurred, but a lot of people out there. seeing a lot of medical personnel on the screen here, one person is being treated there for perhaps something cardiac related or something like that, and doesn't look like we see an injury of any sort but certainly that treatment going on, and a lot of police activity out front. joint response really, we've seen highway patrol, l.a. county
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sheriff's deputies, lapd from numerous divisions as well as people in fbi jackets, as well as the laairport police. you see the sheriff's department, you don't normally see them anywhere near lax so a big response here, that's the command post you that see set up in front of terminal three. >> more information is coming and we're getting more information on the suspect and more information about the transportation there and the traffic there. we're getting conflicting report, is there a ground stop issued by the faa for flights coming in or leaving lax? do you know anything about that? >> ground stop because they can't drop off passengers at this terminal. i'll pull out and show you what's happening at the end of the airport, the end of the airport that's kind of near the ocean. they're starting to line up planes and park them out, just out wherever they can, so these are planes fully loaded landing that are being basically parked
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out in the boondocks, part the expression, until further, so all of those are full of passengers so that will start to be a problem as people are, get anxious to get off those planes and then the planes, no other planes are really departing because there's no passengers to get on them. all transport, all the roads into the airport are blocked off so nothing can get in. the ones that do land are being just kind of put in a parking lot, an airplane parking lot until further notice. >> and again, will, the people coming in are probably just turning on their cell phones, their tablets for the first time and learning about what is happening at lax right now. will, we'll check in with you soon. let's get back to carly white. we were talking to carly earlier. she was in the terminal, heard the shots fired, witnessed all of this happen. carly, i understand that you've
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actually been moved to a different location now? >> that's correct. we're in like a terminal sort of holding area on the far west side of the airport. seems like it's an unsuesed aun. we're waiting for further information. so far nothing has been reported to us. we actually don't see any security at the doors, assuming there might be some out there but we were just brought in. >> carly as you talk to different people trying to figure out what's going on, have you heard from anybody who actually witnessed the shooting itself? >> no, because i think the people who were -- we really feel this happened in that sort of like hallway area as you enter the 37 a, b and c gates to
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bradley because that's where we saw the most people running and they were running away from where we were all sitting and that's where we heard the shots fired so i think those people who were in that immediate area ran away from the direction we were in because we ran out, we ran down to the tarmac, so we've sort of been split where the groups that were sitting to board planes. >> all right, carly, we're actually getting some new information, bear with us for a second. this is confirmed, tsa spokesnorthwestern pico melendez is telling us a little bit more where this took place, a tsa employee was shot in the leg and the shooting location is where they take documents, where you show your i.d. and boarding pass, so the security checkpoint basically. >> we have several crews out there at lax, and we're just now joining ton toni guiyard what ss
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witnessing. >> we just approached the ramp going into lax from sepulveda. what you're looking at is the bridge, i don't know if you have my shot off or not. this is our on board camera in the truck. number of people abandoned their cars on sepulveda, walking the ramp pulling their luggage. i heard angie crouch mention much of the same thing moments ago. we see fire department personnel, we rachd a number of paramedic units from the l.a. fire department some going from the direction of the airport, others going towards the direction of the airport, all having lights and sirens. the thing that is troubling for many people they're trying to
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figure out what is going on. some of these people have been in transit when the shooting happened and all they're thinking about is getting on their flights. they've given up hope of driving to the airport, as angie said the best bet do it on foot, start walking and get there. unfortunately we're seeing people dragging large suitcases, small children, some men in business suits -- >> toni's picture is coming in and out. we have a team of reporters on the ground. toni guinyard is one of them and a bunch of tools to broadcast this breaking event, that is video from one of our cell phones we were able to use and broadcast the pictures life. as toni gets closer she will continue to bring us reports. new information from nbc news and correspondent pete williams,
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initial reports are that a passenger approached a document checker so this didn't get past through that checkpoint, pulled out a firearm and fired one shot at the tsa officer, wounded that officer, transported to a local hospital. we had reports others were shot. >> people were abandoning their cars on sepulveda so this is not the area you want to be around. all upper and departure level roadways are temporarily being blocked by law enforcement so the general public is being healed back other than arriving flights, flight operations have been temporarily held and even the media vans, the live trucks are allowed to park between terminals one and two to bring you the latest information but triage is still trying to get more information on the people
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injured in this shooting that took place around 9:20, terminal three. >> continuing our live coverage here on this breaking news event, reports of shots fired at lax, this starting at 9:20 this morning, term nool three. passenger walked up to the security checkpoint, to someone checking i.d.s of passengers opened fire. multiple shots, somewhere between eight to ten shots happening in two different periods of time. federal officials believe the incident is over. still conflicting information on how many people were hurt. >> some of the witnesses we spoke with on the phone reported hearing eight to ten gunshots, dropping to the ground, running to the tarmac and trying to get away.
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they were also detained by police, double checked and cuffed and told to wait there. >> frightening for the passengers. this video you're looking at right now, the man in the blue shirt, taking off his shirt right now, this was recorded earlier is a tsa agent, somebody whom we believe was actually injured in this incident, at first he was actually helping somebody in a wheelchair come out of the airport, suddenly he sort of bent over near the guardrail on the side, people started rushing to his aid, as you can see they stripped some of the clothes off and eventually put him on that stretcher and put him into an ambulance. now we can't say for sure if that is the only tsa officer who was hurt. we know at least one was hurt but perhaps there are other people as well. we're still getting all of this information. we're going back, bear with us as we get this video in that picture to the right is the man in the wheelchair and you see the tsa officer escorting him. >> as we've been reporting that
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tsa employee was shot in the leg and according to pete williams the initial report the passenger approached the document checker, so and pulled a firearm and fired one shot at the tsao wounded and transported to the hospital. again the flights have been grounded here and burbank has heightened security there at the airport, too, in response to what happened here. >> we've been taking you back through the video that we've been getting throughout the course of the morning. the picture on your right is a triage area that was set up and throughout the morning, we've seen several people taken there, treated and then taken off in ambulances, and the way that works, you have the yellow, the green, the red, they took away that yellow tarp, the red being the most critical, the green being the folks who can be
1:33 pm
treated and checked out, and then released. another tape that we have coming in to us again, all of this video from earlier this morning, this is somebody being loaded onto a stretcher, taken away in an ambulance. we've had reports that at least three people were hurt, two people who were taken to local hospitals and the one tsa agent who we've been talking about as well. the pictures on your left, live from newschopper 4, people evacuated from all of the terminals. this incident happened in the virgin america terminal where people were boarding flights. witnesses described being on the upper mezzanine getting ready to go through check-in when they heard the shots fired below. >> the president has been briefed on the situation at lax as well as the feds arriving, fbi, to assist in this investigation to help local and state authorities here, so again
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the president has already been briefed about what's happened at lax and the feds getting in on the investigation as we try to get more information on what lax will do now the situation, when they will return with the flights and what we'll do with the people and passengers ready to connect. >> you have this massive international hub and thousands coming in and out and on the right of your screen you see some of the twitter pictures people were sending out. we've talked to some of the witnesses over the phone, these are pictures that they took themselves in the aftermath, the chaos, the shots that were fired, many of them said that they just dropped to the floor or ran out of the building in fear, depending on where they were. >> the president being advised what's happening, the l.a. mayor and lapd chief back at lax as well to get briefed on what has taken place here. the upper departure level roadways are blocked.
1:35 pm
you don't want to be near this area. there's nowhere to go. traffic has stopped. people leaving their cars on sepulveda. flights have been temporarily delayed at this point. this just now more than an hour that this incident has taken place. >> we're just being told chief charlie beck and the mayor from arrived on scene and it looks like that may be some kind of command post they're setting up there. let's see if we can bring back in will kohlschreiber. looks like folks are gathering there. >> bringing you up to date on this incident you've been watching the knbc coverage the incident in los angeles airport, now about an hour old. nbc's pete williams reporting that there were three people injured, including a tsa officer. it does not appear that anybody was killed. the gunman is reported to be in custody, which suggests the gunman is alive and suggests there is just one but we are
1:36 pm
continuing to monitor that and we'll keep you posted. this began in terminal three which includes virgin airways, as well as jetblue, allegiant and frontier. apparently the shooter walked up to security where they check your documents going into the security checkpoint and opened fire and again, that shooter appears to be at this point in custody. the white house says that the president has been briefed about the shooting at lax, that they will continue to stay in touch with the federal and local partners, lapd is leading the response and investigations. the white house says we urge citizens to listen to the authorities and follow directions from the first responders on site and that the president will continue to receive briefings throughout the day. air traffic suffice is to say is a mess. there is a ground stop now, flights going to lax are not being allowed to leave, being held at their departure point,
1:37 pm
and there have been delays on the east coast as well due to wind so it is not a good day for flying to say the least but it does appear that the amount of casualties in this incident at lax is thankfully low but we're continuing to try to get the exact details of what went on that unfolded a little over an hour ago. >> -- about the shooting at lax, this took place at terminal three, the media at the mercy of law enforcement because our live trucks will not be allowed to park near there until they allow it, until they clear it. once they clear it they'll allow to park to bring you the ground pictures. law enforcement has to clear that before those live trucks can get any closer to the terminals. >> as all of this is developing, nbc news and correspondent pete williams are reporting that several federal officials are saying that they believe that the incident has ended, that the
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incident is over. again, all of this coming from the shots fired earlier this morning. coming up just an hour, about an hour 20 minutes since the first shots reported at 9:20 and the information is that a passenger approached a document checker, didn't go through security but a document checker looking at i.d.s and whatnot before you get in line and pulled out a gun and opened fire. people hit the deck, people were evacuated, many were evacuated onto the tarmac, michelle. >> at least three people wounded in the shooting, a gunman in custody according to pete williams at nbc, we're waiting to get more information on this suspect. more on the people injured in this shooting, we do have some vague details on the people that were injured, 45-year-old male
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taken to ucla harbor and a 29-year-old male shot in the leg, going to ucla westwood, also a third victim with a sprained ankle. will kohlschreiber telling us earlier he saw four to five people being treated outside lax. >> we know right now that president obama has been briefed on the situation, not a surprise, lax being a huge international hub and the threat and fear of terrorism. we have no idea what this was all about, what the motivation was here or really what happened to the suspect or the shooter himself, if he is in custody, killed, shot, wounded, we're still waiting on that information but the president and the white house did release this statement saying the president has been briefed about the shooting at lax. we'll continue to stay in touch with our federal and local partners. the lapd is leading the response and investigation. we urge citizens to listen to the authorities and follow directions from the first
1:40 pm
responders on site. the president will continue to receive briefings throughout the day. while the lapd may be leading this investigation at the moment this is a multiagency effort -- >> that's knbc's coverage, shots fired at terminal three at los angeles international airport. the terminal serves airtran, alaska, horizon, jetblue, and virg virgin australia. the incident is apparently over and that a shooter is "in custody." we're going to take a short break and continue our coverage after this. faster than ever, we believe outshining the competition tomorrow requires challenging your business inside and out today. at cognizant, we help forward-looking companies run better and run different - to give your customers every reason to keep looking for you. so if you're ready to see opportunities and see them through, we say: let's get to work. because the future belongs to those who challenge the present.
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1:43 pm
gunman apparently walked up to the document checkpoint and for reasons we don't know what they are, opened fire. there are at least three people injured, the gunman reportedly in custody. air traffic has been halted for another 15 minutes, probably longer on a difficult day to begin with with weather delays on the east coast and there is the possibility that if you are going to lax or planning to fly or people flying there, that there will be a wholesale rescreening of passengers as well. our jane wells is en route to los angeles international airport. we'll have the latest from the scene when question get it and expect to be hearing from the white house soon as well. tyler, we're keeping track of it. back to you. >> scott, thank you very much. phil lebeau joins us with the ripple effects that this incident is likely and is already having on eyre travel, certainly in the western part of the united states.
1:44 pm
with a ground hold if you're in atlanta and bound for los angeles your plane doesn't leave. >> no, you're sitting there. interesting note here is take a look at those flights that are already in the los angeles area. they've been essentially as they're brought in there in a holding pattern. few flights have landed. it's a matter of how much fuel do you have before they say we can bring new here and land you, and then we're going to keep you parked to the side or if they have to move them over to let's say john wayne airport out in orange county or one of the other airports out there in california. keep in mind it wasn't just the terminal where there were evacuati evacuations. it was the others as well. yes there will likely be rescreenings taking place because the concern from the tsa is was this just an isolated incident or is this one incident part of something larger, and
1:45 pm
that's why they're probably going to be doing some type of rescreening as they try to get these people back to their flights. we don't know for sure and one final thing to keep in mind, tyler, you know, a lot of people always say how often are people bringing guns to the airports? it happens a lot more often than you think. during the first six months of the year, about 800 people brought them. back to l.a. >> phil, let's go to l.a. and knbc's coverage and listen in. >> the signal is cutting in and out. we use different technology to bring you the live breaking news coverage. that's the live picture we're seeing now. >> that's where people were being evacuated. tony was able to get there at a great vantage point. law enforcement is trying to clear the area but we're seeing people leaving lax right now,
1:46 pm
toni was trying to get witness accounts as people try to get out of lax. >> you can imagine in the confusion after the shooting, you had people who were sort of hunkered down in place for a period of time, other terminals, other parts of the airport. >> jane wells is making her way on the 105 freeway toward los angeles international airport. it is an east/west artery, jane. how close are you to the airport? i gather like many people, you're stuck in traffic. >> i'm on imperial boundary, it say mess even by los angeles standards. there are some planes taking off. i have just seen an american airlines plane take off, delta before that, all from the south runways, on the other side of the airport, from terminal three, that was on the north side of the airport, where this took place. i've probably seen over the last 15 minutes stuck in gridlock four or five commercial aircraft
1:47 pm
take off, not nearly the traffic you would see on a normal day here but they are for whatever reason being allowed to take off. it is utterly a mess. we have seen emergency crews and police cars, lights and sirens, not able to get through the traffic to get into the airport. they've got century boulevard, the main artery in lax, shut down toward the 405, sepulveda completely shut down. the police say they are going to have a station between one and two for media, if anyone can get in but all the satellite trucks and press i've seen, they can't get in either. many people are parking on sepulveda boulevard and walking in to the airport, perhaps thinking that somehow eventually they'll be able to get to their destination today. we will avery to see about that but again, we are starting to see some aircraft take off. i have seen a few land including one landing on the north runways which is where terminal three is
1:48 pm
and where this incident took place. >> that's new news for us, jane, we thank you for it. there are some flights coming in and in fact taking off from the south runways and jane just said actually she saw one landing on the north runway of lax, being the one closest or closer to terminal three, where this incident took place about an hour and a half ago. so jane wells is making her way there on imperial boulevard which runs on the south side of the airport, and some take-offs and landings jane has seen in the last 15 minutes as she moves slowly toward the destination. we'll take another quick break at 12 before the hour. let's go to the white house now where jay carney is briefing. >> hello everyone, thanks for being here. before i take your questions i have a brief announcement. on friday, november 8, the president will travel to the new
1:49 pm
orleans area for an event on the economy. the president will discuss the importance of taking measures to grow the economy and create jobs by increasing our exports. more details on the president's travel will be released as they become available. that is my very brief topper. i go to you. >> is that the week? >> no we'll have the full week ahead at the end of your briefing, chuck. >> thanks, jay. i know the president has been briefed on the shooting at lax. can you tell us any more about who he was briefed by at the white house, anyone he may have talked to? does he have any sense of what actually has happened in this incident? >> the president has been briefed on the incident at los angeles international airport by alyssa mastromonaco his deputy chief of staff and he will be
1:50 pm
regularly updated on unfolding events there. at this point the lead is lapd but we're obviously at the federal level in touch with law enforcement officials on the ground and will, the president will be updated as the afternoon progresses. >> at this point, anything you can say about what he's been told, what the understanding is from officials on what happened there? >> no, i have no more information than what i think you're learning from reports out of l.a. right now to convey. >> on a separate topic, intelligence officials say that the leader of the pakistani taliban was killed in a u.s. drone strike on friday. can you confirm that he was killed? >> no, as you know i don't speak about operational matters but -- >> from jay carney at the white house briefing and making reference to the incident at los angeles international airport. we'll continue to listen in to mr. carney and see there's anything of note that we need to bring to you. meantime we'll take a short break, right back with more coverage after this. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life.
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i'm scott cohn in the cnbc newsroom as we it be to follow this incident at l.a. international airport, nbc's pete williams now citing multiple law enforcement sources says that one tsa agent was apparently shot and killed in this incident which began about an hour and a half ago, apparently taking police station at the document checkpoint in terminal three at lax when the shooter opened fire. there are at least three others wounded and we don't know of other tsa officials, if others are wounded and the suspect supposedly is in custody, according to pete williams but again the breaking news now, one tsa agent shot and killed according to multiple law
1:54 pm
enforcement sources, cited by our nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. >> thank you very much for that news and tragic news it is. on the phone security expert kevin kenerum, former fbi agent and s.w.a.t. team member for over 15 years. he was on operations such as the waco siege and the columbine tragedy, and investigated the bombingings at the u.s. olympics. kevin, welcome. good to have you with us. take me inside the process that unfolds as a shooting like this takes place. obviously the first thing is to secure the area, get people who were injured treatment and to subdue the shooter, but once that has been achieved and we believe it has, what's next? >> well, it's a multifaceted thing even though the shooter's been subdued. you've got first responders that
1:55 pm
are also worried about other people involved, quickly want to see if the shooter will talk to you, size him up, see if he's a lone wolf or if he's working in concert with anyone and that instantly tells them whether it's a domestic violence type situation or if it's an act of terrorism, and then you've got all the outside resources waiting, ready to run down leads that develop from sort of that initial intel right there at the scene. it's just multifaceted. >> who takes the lead on this kind of, in this kind of place? this is obviously a big federal presence at lax owned by the port authority of l.a., i don't know who owns it. who takes the lead, the lathed. the fbi, who? >> yeah, i think that lax, l.a.
1:56 pm
police department being such a sophisticated law enforcement agency with huge resources would be the lead and then the fbi would say listen we'll help you in any way. there could be overlap. they'll talk about jurisdictional issues as to prosecution later but law enforcement both federal and state and local have done all sorts of very, very good work in concert and i don't think anyone's worried about turf at this point but rather solving what's going on as quickly as they can. >> it's interesting at the beginning that once you secure the location, what you want to find out is whether the individual is working alone or in concert with others and if that person can talk maybe they'll tell you something. beyond that, what do you do to make sure that no other shooter's around? >> that's a huge worry they're thinking about.
1:57 pm
they're doing things independent of talking to the bad guy, clearing rooms, expanding out the perimeter, keeping cars from driving in. you never know if there's other things but as the intel develops from the person, then they can kind of think about whether those things are useful. >> kevin, thank you for spending time with us today. kevin knierim. that will do it for this edition of "power lunch." "street signs" will pick up with the coverage of what's unfolding at lax after this short break. from the ground up, to be the world's best sports sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ something like a phenomenon, baby ♪ ♪ you're something like a phenomenon ♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac ats, 2013 north american car of the year.
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you are looking at live video of los angeles international airport, where the situation is still very tense, following a shooting at terminal three this morning, there's not known how many people have been shot but one of the victims is reported to be a tsa agent and that agent has been killed. lax is the third busiest airport in america and it is shut down for all but incoming flights that need to land. we've got a busy show with the latest developments. >> we're hearing the suspect is in custody.

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